Crochet Canyon Views Pocket Clutch

Hi friends,

I have been making the Crochet Canyon Views Pocket Clutch on repeat! I love the option of using a pre-made zippered canvas bag as a liner since sewing is not my thing. πŸ˜‰ The pattern also includes instructions for crocheting pockets inside the clutch if you want to do that. It’s a paid pattern by Twisted Knot Crochet and you can find it here.

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I found my zippered canvas bags at Hobby Lobby. They measure 4.75 by 6.75 inches and fit perfectly into the shell of the Canyon Views Pocket Clutch. And they are only 99 cents! πŸ™‚

I used Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek yarn and an I/5.5 mm hook to stitch up my clutches. I followed the pattern through Round 10. Then I did 2 rounds of half double crochet in the 3rd loop and finished the clutch with one round of single crochet in the 3rd loop. (This is a great tutorial on crocheting in the 3rd loop.)

To attach the canvas bag to the crocheted shell, I simply used fabric hot glue. No sewing required! Slip the canvas bag into the crocheted shell and run a thin bead of glue around the canvas bag along the edge of the zipper. I did small sections at a time, attaching the crocheted shell as I went. I have this Surebonder hot glue gun that I only use with these fabric hot glue sticks. I keep it separate from my regular hot glue gun so I don’t mix the types of glue. The fabric glue worked great to attach the crocheted shells to the canvas bags.

Twisted Knot Crochet has also released a new Shell Shocked Pouch Shells set with 3 new patterns for making the shell part of the clutch bag. You can find the new pattern pack here. I’ll be making some with the new patterns! πŸ™‚

These clutch bags are so fun to make and they work up really quickly. They have so many uses – carrying your necessities when you’re running errands, holding your makeup or jewelry as you travel, storing your hooks, scissors, and stitch markers in your project bag, or pencils, pens, and paper in your backpack. What will you put in your Crochet Canyon Views Pocket Clutch?


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