Farmhouse Pillar Candle Risers

Hi friends,

I love the Pinterest app! I find so many great ideas and inspiration, especially when I’m in a crafting slump. 🙃 You can find all of my Pinterest boards here. I’ve saved way more pins than I can ever make, but I’ve found it to be a great resource for diving into my next project.

I was inspired while scrolling on Pinterest recently to make these Farmhouse Pillar Candle Risers. They are super quick and easy to make!

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You’ll need round unfinished wood plaques in 2 different sizes. I found mine at my local Michaels (I think they were around $1.49 each). They measure about 4 and 5 inches across the bottom. You’ll also need white and gray paint. I used Home Decor Chalk paint because that’s what I had on hand. You can use acrylic paint, too.

You may want to sand the rough edges of the plaque before you paint them. I didn’t since the roughness didn’t bother me – it’s totally personal preference. I painted the wood plaques with 2 coats of white paint using a chip brush. Be sure to let the paint dry between coats. Once the second coat is dry, dry brush the entire plaque with the gray paint.

Then using E6000 clear adhesive, I glued the smaller plaque to the larger plaque. And that’s it! Super easy and they will add a little farmhouse touch to your decor.

Since my fireplace mantel is stained, I chose to paint my Farmhouse Pillar Candle Risers white so there would be some contrast. If your mantel or shelf is white, you may want to use a wood stain on your candle risers or you can paint them any color and then sand the edges to distress them a bit.

It’s fun to make something so simple that can add a little creative touch to your decor. 😊


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