Crochet Belladonna Bucket Hat

Hi friends,

Y’all! I have found the best crochet hat pattern! First, let me just say that I am NOT a hat girl – like I really don’t like wearing them! I am more than happy to make them for others, but it’s just not something I like to wear. Thankfully, I live in the south where we don’t really need them to keep warm. 😉

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But, we are heading to Scotland (!!!) this spring and I was thinking a hat might come in handy for some of those windy, chilly days I’m sure we will have. So my search began to find the perfect hat and I found the Crochet Belladonna Bucket Hat by Crazy4crochetmomma. It is a paid pattern that you can find here in her Etsy shop. A bucket hat for my bucket list trip! It’s just perfect! 😉

I used a different yarn than what was listed in the pattern. I stitched up my hat using Yarn Bee Uber Luxe in Light Grey with a P/Q/15mm crochet hook. Due to my yarn, and probably my tension, I needed to adjust the pattern a little to get the correct gauge – be sure to measure your hat after Round 4 as she states in the pattern! I added an additional increase round for round 5 to get the right measurement. I also added an extra round to the length before I did the last increase round. My hat has a total of 12 rounds instead of the 10 listed in the pattern. This is why it’s so important to measure the hat after round 4!! You don’t want to get all the way done and not have it fit!

The Crochet Belladonna Bucket Hat works up super fast and the jumbo yarn gives it such great texture. It’s a fun hat even if you’re not much of a hat girl – like me! 🙂


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6 Responses to Crochet Belladonna Bucket Hat

  1. Sue Newell says:

    Sweet hat! So excited for your upcoming trip!

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  2. Mom says:

    Nice idea! Looks great on you!

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  3. Tina says:

    Love this bucket hat and looks good on you too!! I’ve made a bucket hat last year but never thought about using the bulkier yarn which I love. You have inspired me to make this pattern in bulky yarn as well. Thank you for the link and tips.
    Have a wonderful time on ur trip!!

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