Happy Father’s Day, Dad – I Miss You!

Tomorrow will be a year since my Dad went home. It’s been a hard year filled with lots of tears and getting through all the “firsts” without him. Not a day goes by that he’s not in my thoughts. I miss him so very much! 

I miss the “so how’s Anita doing?” whenever I would talk to him on the phone. I miss the “hey, look who’s here” when I would walk into the house for a visit. I miss his hand on the back of my neck when he was telling me something important. I miss seeing him at the end of the table during family gatherings. I miss watching the cheesy commercials on TV and groaning and laughing at them together. I miss his advice when I asked for it. I miss his many stories about all that happened to him in his 83 years. I just miss HIM…

But I am so grateful that I had him for nearly 55 years of my life. Grateful that he loved us well. Grateful that we have so many memories to cherish. Grateful he is my Dad. He taught me so much over the years and was a huge part in making me the person I am today. I hope I am making him proud…

A friend said that she thinks Dad will be standing right behind Jesus to welcome me home when my time comes…what a thing to look forward to!! Until that glorious day…I miss you and love you Dad…Happy Father’s Day!…always in my heart!! ❤

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