One of my very favorite things to do when we go to the beach is to walk along the shore looking for seashells. I do it every single time we go – every day we’re there if I can! And I always come back with at least a few – sometimes a pocketful.πŸ˜„

These pics are from the beautiful gulf in Destin, FL. We were able to spend a week here in early May. It was wonderful! We had perfect weather and the beaches weren’t crowded yet. It was the best time to go…but don’t tell anyone or they will all want to go then – it will be our secret! πŸ˜‰



The question is always “what will I do with the seashells when I get home”? I made this Muslin Flower Jelly Jar to put them in from one of our trips, but it doesn’t hold very many. So I needed to come up with another option…

I had this square glass container from a lovely fresh flower arrangement (Thanks, Jenny!) that I thought would be perfect. With just a couple of touches, it now serves as a great place to display my seashells and there is room to add more from our next trip to the beautiful gulf beaches. (Don’t forget to soak your shells in bleach water and air dry to kill any bacteria!)


I wrapped the container with blue chevron washi tape and added a strip of cork tape over that. Then I wrapped the top several times with twine and tied on the shell charm (I found it in the jewelry area of my local craft store). You could also use one of your shells by glueing a jewelry finding to the top of your favorite shell. I wanted something bigger than what I had so I settled on the charm – hopefully I’ll be able to find the perfect shell to replace it on the next beach trip!

So until our next beach vacation, I have this little reminder of the Emerald Shore!!

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