Christmas Deco Mesh Wreath

Are you looking for a new Christmas wreath for your front door? This is such a fun and easy wreath to make – and it will only take a couple of hours from start to finish!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 5.5-inch wide deco mesh in your choice of colors (I chose lime green, red, and red/green combo)
  • Wire wreath form – this one is a 16inch form
  • Chenille stems to match your deco mesh
  • Some type of accent pieces like my glittery greenery stems with red ornaments
  • Wire cutters
  • You may also need thin wire or hot glue for attaching your accent pieces

You will need to cut 9-inch lengths of the deco mesh. I just measured and cut them with my scissors. There are 8 sections to the frame and I twisted 4 chenille stems around each section. Each chenille stem will hold 3 pieces of the deco mesh so I cut 32 pieces of each color.

I twisted the chenille stems around the wreath frame, alternating them by twisting around the 2 outer rings and then the 2 inner rings. Here’s a close up of  one of the sections of the frame.


Be sure to twist them tight so they don’t slide easily on the frame. Here’s the wreath frame with all of the chenille stems twisted on.

Take a piece of the deco mesh and roll it up. I folded my ends to the center and then just folded it over so the ends were on the inside. Roll and stack 2 more pieces on top of your first one. Don’t worry about trying to make it perfect – it will look great once you are completely finished! Then place your stack of 3 pieces on the center of one of the chenille stems and twist the stems tightly several times to secure the mesh to the wreath.

Here’s a picture of one section of the wreath with mesh attached to each chenille stem.

I alternated my 3 colors of mesh in each little stack as I went around my wreath. After you have attached all the mesh, cut the chenille stems with wire cutters. Be careful to not cut too close – you don’t want them untwist!! Then just bend the ends of the stems down. Fluff up the deco mesh sections if you need to.

Attach your accent pieces using hot glue or wire – my glittery greenery stems had wire in them so I just wrapped that around the wreath frame and added a dab of hot glue to keep them in place.

And here it is all finished! 

It measures about 22 inches across – such a pretty way to greet your friends and family over the Christmas season!

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