Crochet Gift Bag

Our family is at the age where gift cards or cash are on everyone’s wish list. I like to be a little creative when giving them – the little envelope from the store just won’t do!!

I found the pattern for this cute gift bag here on Ravelry at Maki Crochet. It’s really fun and easy to make. You can easily adjust the size by the number of beginning chains and the number of rows you crochet.


I used I Love This Yarn in mid green and Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in white and burgundy. I crocheted the bag with a G/4mm hook. For this bag I began by chaining 40. I crocheted the first 2 rows with green and then alternated white and burgundy for the next 11 rows, ending the pattern with white. The next 2 rows are done in white with the final row crocheted in green. I chained 80 to make the drawstring. The drawstring is woven through the first row of double crochet to cinch the bag closed.


This finished bag measures about 5-1/2 by 6-1/2 inches (but you can make it any size you want 😊). Plenty of room for a gift card and some yummy sweets!

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