Crochet Granny Stripe Baby Blanket

Every new little baby needs their own special blanket – at least that’s what I think!

I love the versatility of this Granny Stripe Pattern you can find here. You can make it in any colors you want with as many – or as few – color changes as you’d like.

I used Caron Simply Soft Yarn in Soft Blue, White, and Soft Gray Heather with an H/5mm hook to crochet my blanket. I had 2 skeins of each color and had a bit of the 2nd skein of each left.

Using this pattern, I started with a chain of 114. Each stripe of color in my blanket has 5 rows. I crocheted 5 rows of white, 5 rows of gray, and 5 rows of blue and then continued that pattern. I did 5 stripes of white, 4 stripes of gray, and 4 stripes of blue for a total of 65 rows. I started and ended the blanket with white.

For the border, I single crocheted evenly around the blanket with gray for the 1st round. The 2nd round is done by crocheting 3 double crochet stitches (shell) in the same stitch, skip 1 stitch, work one single crochet in next stitch, skip 1 stitch and work a shell in the next stitch. Just continue that pattern around the edge of the blanket. I hope that makes sense – it’s not part of the pattern, just a border I have used forever on my blankets. 🙂

The finished size of the blanket is about 34 by 30 inches once the border is added.

This blanket can be stitched in any size – just make sure your beginning chain is in multiples of 3. What a pretty way to keep those sweet babies snuggly and warm!

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8 Responses to Crochet Granny Stripe Baby Blanket

  1. Robin says:

    Beautiful colors!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joanne Aldahondo says:

    do you only do row 1 for the white? if you have 5 rows of the other colors you would end on a row 2 instead of 3 if you are only doing row 2 and 3


    • Anita says:

      Hi Joanne, Each stripe of color has 5 rows crocheted in it. So I started the blanket with 1 row of white then crocheted 4 more rows of white for a total of 5 rows. Then I changed colors to gray and crocheted 5 rows. Then I changed to blue and crocheted 5 rows. Then I changed back to white and crocheted 5 rows, then 5 gray, then 5 blue and continued that pattern finishing it off with 5 rows of white. There is a total of 13 stripes of color. It doesn’t really matter if you end with row 2 or 3 of the original pattern. I just decided how wide I wanted my stripes to be and went from there. You can make the stripes any number of rows you would like. I hope this helps!


  3. Bev Staple says:

    Love this blanket


  4. Lenora says:

    Im new to croching, if i chain the size i want ,how do i start the double crochet


    • Anita says:

      Hi Lenora, Your chain will need to be in a multiple of 3. Then you double crochet in the 3rd chain from your hook (3rd from the last chain you made). Then double crochet again in the same stitch. The 2 double crochets along with the 2 chain stitches you skipped will be your first cluster of 3 stitches. The pattern I followed is in my post. Just click the link where it says “Granny Stripe pattern you can find here” in the 2nd paragraph. I hope this helps! 😊


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