Easy Crochet Potholder

Hi friends,

This is just about the easiest crochet potholder pattern I’ve ever used. You can find it here at Adventures of a DIY Mom. Once you get started, it’s just continuous single crochet. A great pattern when you want to just relax and watch a movie. 🙂

Here’s picture of the completed potholder. I used I Love This Cotton yarn in Teal Print with a G/4mm hook. (I love these Clover hooks.)

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This is what your potholder will look like as you are crocheting it.

This is how your potholder will look before you sew the seam together.

Use a tapestry needle to sew the seam closed.

This is such an easy way to crochet a double layer potholder. I love the way the edges of the potholder are just as thick as the rest of it because of the way it is stitched up.

It’s an easy pattern, but such a great pattern! Maybe you already know about this pattern – if you do, then you probably know how happy this makes me. If you didn’t know about it (like me) – I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Happy Stitching! 🧶


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2 Responses to Easy Crochet Potholder

  1. Michelle says:

    So pretty!! I made a few of those a while back. I need more cotton yarn. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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