Candy Cane Yarn-Wrapped Christmas Trees

Hi friends,

Red and white are traditional Christmas colors that I am always drawn to. They are just so happy and festive! 😊 I have a fun and easy project using red and white to add a little whimsical touch to your Christmas decor.

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You’ll need some styrofoam cones, red and white bulky yarn, 1/2 inch white pom poms, and your glue gun. I found all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby, but you should be able to find everything at most craft stores.

Start by hot glueing the yarn at the bottom of the cone. Then simply wrap the yarn around the cone, keeping the yarn close as you are wrapping. I added a little hot glue every now and then to keep the yarn in place. Wrap all the way to the top and secure the end on the top of the cone.

I added the small pom poms randomly to the trees using hot glue. To finish the trees, I added a larger 1.5 inch white pom pom to the top.

You can find my Farmhouse Yarn Wrapped Christmas Trees here if you want something a bit less whimsical. I also made this cute tree for my kitchen using tiny cooking/baking charms in this post.

There are so many fun and creative ways to make these little yarn wrapped Christmas trees to go with any decorating theme. I would love to see what you make!


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