Mini Crochet Christmas Stockings

Hi friends,

These Mini Crochet Christmas Stockings are so adorable! They are the perfect size for gift cards, cash, or small gifts. They work up fairly quickly and are a great stash buster.

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I found the patterns for these cute stockings here at Jen Hayes Creations. The pattern includes 4 different cuff options and they are all so cute! I only made 2 of the options because I didn’t have any Pipsqueak yarn for the fuzzy cuffs.

The stockings are made with worsted weight (4) yarn. I had some Caron Simply Soft yarn in my stash that I used to stitch up my stockings with a G-7/4.5mm hook. My stockings came out a little larger than the measurements in the pattern, but it’s not really important. I think it was basically the difference between the G-6/4mm listed in the pattern and the G-7/4.5mm hook I used. For some reason G hooks can be 2 different sizes…🤷🏼‍♀️

Anyway…they turned out great and will be so fun to use for gifts that can be added as an ornament to the tree! 🎄

You can make these in any color combo – or even just one color. And like I said earlier, they are a great stash buster! So look through your yarn basket and see what colors you can stitch up. 😊


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  1. Mom says:

    Cute and different!

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